24 September 2009

Small Steps to Success

I can't change the world.

But while I'm here I'll do what I can.

Our PA class of 2011 goes to a Christian Center (a retirement center/ assisted living facility/ orphanage all rolled into one) to speak with the elderly patients. We ask them about their social and medical history.

I used to hate old people. They scared me! They're so fragile. I'm not good with fragile. I've managed to break countless things that should be foolproof...

Don't believe me? Check out my tupperware... (2 broken lids and a newly broken mixing thing. Seriously. Its not like I'm forceful. But I might have some pent up frustration)

Old people used to make me so sad. No one would listen to them. No one would smile at them. No one wanted to hang out with them.

But now I think they're adorable and wise and worth listening to! I mean, who wouldn't want to listen to someone who's been there before, who has seen life and experienced things, who is old and fragile but still able to smile and speak kind words?

Speaking of old people, not a day goes by when I don't think about Africa. (In your mind, did you make the mental connection like I did?!..............that's because there is no connection.) I'll be thinking about something normal, something school related, and then Wham! Africa. I know I really want to go back. The question is, is God calling me back?? Pray with me about this :)

While I can't be in Africa, I can still hang out with some cool kids! I get to volunteer in my Church's Children's ministry. This month we're learning about Wisdom. How cool! And one of the best parts: there are African refugee children that come and join us! I get to dance and play games and love them and teach them God's word. Its almost like being in Africa for a brief moment in time...

But my heart still beats for the kids in Cameroon!
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