22 March 2010

Meet Charlotte

Charlotte is my friend.

She's pretty amazing and exciting. She loves adventures and cupcakes and kids. We just set up a tent in her living room because she's that cool.

But the coolest thing about Charlotte is that she loves Jesus, and listens to Him. Charlotte is coming with me to Cameroon to love the kids, share God's love tangibly with them, and experience all the wild things God has in store for us.

Charlotte will be guest blogging on my site, so look forward to it! I'll let her tell you more about who she is and what she does :)

19 March 2010

Ocean Eyes

"Painted skies.

I've seen so many that cannot compare,
To your ocean eyes.
The pictures you took
That cover your room,
And it was just like the sun
But more like the moon.
A light that can reach it all.
So now I'm branded for taking the fall."

Mae "The Sun and The Moon"

I'm getting ready for my trip to HCH this year which means a few things:

I'm stocking up on protein bars and shakes,

I'm praying hard for the kiddos over there,

And I'm sending letters and emails like crazy trying to lead a team and raise support.

Sometimes it's exhausting trying to study for school and get ready for an emotionally intensive trip to a foreign country. But one look at the precious, ocean eyes from last year's trip is enough to remind me that it is worth it. That God calls us to care for orphans. That He loves us just like He wants us to love them. Does God really look into my eyes and see precious, ocean eyes?


I know He'll show us amazing things this year. I know He'll move in awesome ways. Because our God is huge and wonderful and beautiful :)

08 March 2010

Harvest Children's Home, Cameroon, Africa, May 5-16, 2010

Family and Friends,

Last year, I fell deeper in love with God and some of his amazing children at Harvest Children’s Home (HCH), an orphanage in Cameroon which is supported by an organization from the United States called Cry Cameroon. I got to experience a different culture, love some precious children, and bring them God’s hope and joy.

This year, God is calling me back. My primary goal is to do a yearly health care checkup on the kids, but I also want to fix up some of their school uniforms by teaching some of them how to sew, lead nightly devotions, and disciple some of the older girls.

Please follow my blog! I’ll be updating it periodically before I leave and while I’m there with specific prayer needs and information on what’s happening. I’ll also post fun pictures!

I’m in need of your prayers! I’m leading a trip this year, full of people who’ve never been to Africa before. I’ll need prayers that God reminds me daily to pray for my team and that He prepares us to do His work, not our own.

I’ll be taking as much as I can with me for the kids and the HCH staff. They are in need of medicine, children’s clothes/shoes, soap, toothpaste, towels, blankets, body lotion, vitamins, etc. If you have any of these things that you’re willing to donate, please let me know because I’d love to pick them up from your house! (or send you money for shipping)

If you are able, financial support would be very helpful! The trip is going to cost around $2,000 to cover travel, food, and new materials for children’s clothing. Thankfully, I already have all of the medical equipment I’ll need to do physical exams on the kids. If you would like to donate online, please click here. Please be sure to fill in the box "Please designate my donation to this project:" with my name, "Shannon Helster's trip."

If you are interested in donating but would not like to do so online, you may make a donation directly to Cry Cameroon Ministries by sending a check or money order to:

Cry Cameroon Ministries

6620 Finecrest Drive

Colorado Springs, CO 80923

Please be sure to write the check to "Cry Cameroon Ministries" and include a memo of: "Shannon Helster's Trip" so that I can get you a tax receipt as soon as possible.

For more information about how you can pray/care for/ support/meet the kids at HCH, please ask me or visit www.harvestchildrenshomes.org

Thank you for your prayers and help!

With His love,