21 December 2009

Just around the Corner!

Have a little extra time on your hands? In need of great entertainment? Fun Adventures?
Check out my friend Justin Colvard's blog: www.lifeofawanderer.com

Justin is going back to Cameroon for an entire 6 months to love the children there, learn about the culture, and encourage them to grow in the Lord. How cool is that?! Join me in reading about his adventures, supporting him financially, and most importantly: Praying for him!

Because 6 months is a long time to go without milk products or air conditioning or a television or his family.

AND because God is doing some awesome things through him over there!

Justin updates his website all the time with fun pictures, educational information, and really neat stories of things hapening over there. He lets you know the things that really need prayer, things that the money you donate is working towards (current plans are for a kitchen bigger than a closet and not sharing a water source with the bathrooms...), and encouraging things that happen. Plus, you get to look at adorable pictures of the precious children at the orphanage!!

Check out his website: www.lifeofawanderer.com

Or Subscribe to his feeds:
The Next Step: "feed://www.lifeofawanderer.com/MyLife/Cameroon_2010/rss.xml"

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