24 January 2011


 Last day of Gyn Surgery!
Day 1 Of Gyn Clinic!

My first 3 weeks of Ob/Gyn was spent in a Gynecology clinic. I honestly think I learned more about the female body on this rotation than I did in my anatomy class. Especially about Kegel muscles. Ladies, if I can stress one thing, it's keep your kegel muscles strong! They're important for 3 things (that I will go into detail on if you and I have a one-on-one conversation, because I don't think the blogging world wants to hear about pee, poop, and sex.)

I got to sit in on surgeries: hysterectomies, pelvic wall repairs, and even a laparoscopy! It was neat to get to see more surgeries and be reminded of anatomy!

I really enjoyed being in a clinic. Starting at 8 am (even though the clinic was half way across town) was wonderful! We got an hour for lunch and we were done (most days) by 5! We really had time to sit down and get to talk with our patients. I loved how my doctor would help them with all kinds of things, not just gynecology.

And women, if you had a vaginal birth and now are experiencing symptoms of low back and/or leg pain, urinary leaking when you cough, sneeze, jump, lift, or laugh, having problems with defecation, or sex, then my doctor can fix you and put you back to the way you were before you had your first baby. And if it's just constipation, he'll recommend "Nopalina." You can only buy it at a Fiesta or a Carnival, but it's cheap fiber that's loaded with good stuff. He also recommends a wide variety of other products, some getter than others…

The most interesting thing I learned was about Ibuprofen. It makes your menses shorter and you lose less blood. Don't ask me how it works though, because I don't know, but I'm sure if you do a quick google search, Dr. Google would give you some info.

But now I'm on Ob at Parkland, getting to hang out with new mommies of precious babies. More detail on that later in the rotation!

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