16 July 2014

The day I got my second Fix!

I LOVED my first box with stitch fix. I've been too busy/too lazy to shop since my last fix. (well, we bought a refrigerator and a house, but those don't count...ps a FULL blog about the house is on it's way as soon as we close!)

I loved all the classy/timeless pieces and I was excited to see what was in my next box!

My second box came a day early, yay!! I dug in right away so I could maximize my time deciding on what clothes to purchase.

First I pulled out a dress. It was so pretty and unlike anything I owned. It was very similar to the shape if some dresses I had already pinned on Pinterest! (Stitch Fix let's you link to your Pinterest account!) 

Next was some jeans. I asked specifically for work pants in this fix, and while I CAN wear jeans on Friday and I haven't bought any jeans in the past 2 years, I didn't need jeans.  And they were the wrong size. All stores are a bit different when it comes to size, so I figured I would try them anyway.

Then I pulled out black pants. Yay! I'm looking for a good pair of black work pants. These had a special "tummy slimming" feature inside designed to "make you look 10 lbs thinner." Really? I need to look thinner? They also had no pockets or buttons on them so I was immediately skeptical.

Next was a cute black shirt that would be fun to wear, but was too low cut for work.

Then was a beautiful blue/turquoise shirt but it had funny metal details on it. Not super classy or timeless, but worth a try!

I proceeded to try everything on, trying to keep an open mind.


[the pups wanted in on my mirror-photo action!]

[i could get used to these jeans!]

I tried on the jeans first.  They weren't huge on me like I expected, but they were big.  They felt like good material (I found out later the brand is sold at Nordstrom, so they really are made of good materials!  I never shop there because I don't feel fancy enough... But maybe I could in these jeans!) I've been hoping for skinny jeans, and these were skinnier than most of the jeans I have, but they were so big I felt like they weren't skinny enough.  I wondered if my size would fit me better.  They weren't falling off and they looked nice, but I wasn't sure about them.

[cute puppy!]

[cute top??]

I tried on the black lace top with them.  I liked the top, it looks like one I already own.  This top was just a little big.  It was also SUPER low cut.  I would have gotten it if it hadn't been so low cut and I hadn't had another top just like it. 

[10 lbs slimmer?]

[do I look slimmer? I don't feel like I need to!]

Then I tried on the black pants.  They were a little tricky to pull over my hips because they had no button, and when I got them into place they felt big.  I was prepared to hate the pants, but when I put them on they were super comfortable!  They were also skinny in the leg, which I wanted.  I thought about getting them, but I just wasn't sure if they would be worth the money (almost 100!) because I felt like I could never tuck a shirt into them and wear a belt with them.  In the end, that's why I didn't get them because I didn't feel like they were versatile enough for the cost.  I did love how comfy they were!

[that looks fun!]

[but what about that metal detail? And is this going to be hard to iron?]

I put the blue/turquoise top on with them.  I was ready to hate this top too, but I really liked the way it fit.  Not too tight, but with a fun neckline and fun lines.  I still wasn't sure about the metal details on it.  I wanted to branch out, and I really thought hard about this top.  In the end, I just didn't feel like this was a "classy/timeless" shirt.  It was also wrinkley and I wasn't sure if I could iron the fabric. 

[legit modeling is hard, but this is so fun!]

[got to make sure it looks good with the rest of my closet!]

I tried on the dress last, sure I would love it.  I did love it!  I even tried it on with a belt and shoes!  The stripes were so small they made it look like an optical illusion in the mirror, which totally freaked Ryan out.  He told me he didn't love it.  But I had already decided I liked it.  Done!  I felt like it was classy for work but could easily be worn for a friend's wedding or something. 
All in all, I felt like this fix wasn't as classy as my first stitch fix.  I had asked for work pants, which they provided (good work!) and I pinned a bunch of lace tops on pinterest (which they noticed and sent!).  I was pretty happy with that.  I liked that they tried to branch out with styles, I just didn't end up loving some of the stuff they sent.  But I loved it much more than going shopping on my own!
I'm in for another month!  I'm already looking forward to my next box!

Have I convinced you to try it yet? 


Seriously though, it's a lot of fun. Even if you are a fantastic shopper or if you already know your style, it will make you branch out and try on things you never would have picked up! And I feel so classy in my new clothes :)

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