27 March 2015

The day Stitch Fix got pregnant!

Most of you know I have Stitch Fix, a clothing service, send me a box of clothes monthly or so.  They've been secretly sending me maternity clothes for the past 2-3 months, but this last month they officially announced they ship maternity clothing!

I let stitch fix know I was pregnant last month.  They asked me my due date, and sent me a box full of perfect maternity clothes, even though I was only 4 months pregnant and not really showing yet, they anticipated that and picked a few things that were perfect.

And a few things that were not-so-perfect. 

But fun to try on.

I love the convenience of getting clothes shipped to me (that I can try on in my own home, whenever I want, with my own accessories) but it has been A MILLION times more awesome now that I'm pregnant and I hate going out shopping, because I only fit into clothes in 1-2 stores, and I'm exhausted a lot of the time.

I really appreciate Stitch Fix, which lets me request specific items.  I wanted to find some work-appropriate t-shirts and tank tops because I haven't been able to find anything I like when I've been shopping. (and maybe that's because it's been winter until recently).

Here's a run-down of my boxes the last two months.  If you've ever thought about signing up for stitch fix, I highly recommend it: if you're pregnant or not! 


I was still pretty small when this box arrived.  I still fit into many of my non-maternity clothes, but they were getting tight.

Immediately, I LOVED this pencil skirt.  It is my style, and I haven't been able to wear a pencil skirt at all lately because they're too tight to make room for the growing baby.

I ended up sending it back because it was too expensive (90 dollars!) but it was great quality and sometimes I regret sending it back...

I loved this dress, but I had almost the exact same dress that my mother-in-law had purchased for me, otherwise I would have probably kept the entire box. Also, it is long sleeved. So it would be too hot to wear when I am huge in June/July.

I initially hated this shirt. Ponchos just really aren't my thing. I almost didn't try it on.  But I actually liked it on, go figure.  I sent it back because it would have been bulky at work with my white coat, which is not super-ideal.

I loved this pink shirt.  Ryan didn't.  It was enough to make me consider keeping the whole box. (you get a 25% discount if you do!) In hindsight, hot pink really isn't my favorite color. But it was one of those shirts that would be perfect post-baby. 



I actually (sometimes) look pregnant now.  I'm still too little for most people who don't know me to ask about my pregnancy, but I'm big enough to actually appreciate the extra room I have in maternity clothes.  And I'm big enough for fun pictures. 

Stitch fix lets you sign up for a date you want to receive your box. I typically pick a Friday because then I have all weekend to try on the clothes.  I have almost always gotten my box either the day I request, or the day before.  This box was (uncharacteristically) late.  I was pretty disappointed because they shipped my box on a Wednesday and it took until Monday for me to get it. This was the first time in 9 boxes that I was disappointed in the shipping service.

I immediately loved this blue tank top.  I tried it on first-thing and then instantly decided to keep it.

I liked this shirt when I first saw it, but LOVED how it felt on.  I thought I would probably keep it since the sleeves were so small.

I was curious about this next shirt.  I have been reading those blogs that have the title "20 things I wish someone had told me about getting pregnant" and a lot of them recommended loose clothing for after giving birth.  I liked the colors of this shirt. I tried it on with one of my belts (the advantage of trying things on at home.

The belt made the bottom of the shirt come up so high that my belly was visible. And I'm only 5 months pregnant right now.

Not cool.

So I put it in the "return" pile.

I liked this dress, but it was long-sleeved.  My stylist said they didn't have short-sleeved dresses.  I thought about keeping it since it was SO soft and comfy.  But the long-sleeves made me send it back.  My kid is due in July.  Nothing about July makes me think a long-sleeved black dress sounds appropriate. 

I almost didn't try these leggings on.  Gold zippers aren't exactly my favorite style.  But, as I'm trying to be bold and try new things, I put them on.

And disliked the zippers as much as I thought I would. (At the bottom near my socks. The zippers are open in the pic)

They won a point for bravery.  But was put in the return pile anyway.


Now I have my first-two work shirts that are sleeveless.  I'm pretty thankful for Stitch Fix.

And If you want to be thankful for them too, here's where you sign up (and give me 25 dollars credit!!)


Help a pregnant sister out, try it! :)

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  1. Shannon you look so cute in everything but you chose the right pieces. Maybe you'll be able to find a couple of summer pieces soon! Mom in-law