31 August 2009

The HOPE that keeps me breathing…

Today I really missed the little babies at HCH.

Yesterday I watched a PBS show about touch. (I was studying Dermatology all day and I needed a mini study break so I started watching because the opening line of the show talked about skin and touch receptors and it related to Derm…but I kept watching even though it didn't really apply to what I was studying because it was really neat research that they were doing)

The show reminded me of when I was in Africa. Touch is abundant there. It isn't a taboo thing like it is in America. It is reassuring, comforting, casual, natural, a simple way to show you care…even if that's all you can do. Kids grow up in Africa surrounded by touch: in slings on their mother's backs, holding hands on the playground, playing hand clap games, sitting side by side… I miss that. I miss them!

Mondays during lunch I go to SCF (Southwestern Christian Fellowship) meetings. Today we had a great speaker talk at lunch about a few things including the Hippocratic Oath and Obama's plan to reverse the "conscience clause." (Don't get me started on that!) He shared a quote with us:

Some seek knowledge for

The sake of knowledge:

That is curiosity;

Others seek knowledge so that

They themselves may be known:

That is vanity;

But there are still others

Who seek knowledge in

Order to serve and edify others:

And that is love. (I've seen charity here)

-Bernard of Clairveaux

I want to serve and edify others. I'm not in school for me (if I was, I'd be LONG gone by now!) Some days, I think those babies are the only thing that keeps me going. I mean, school is interesting, especially now that we're learning how to actually help people (opposed to theory and parts of the human body) but it's still hard to wake up, go to school for 8 hours straight, then come home and study until I crash into bed.

Days like that I need something to remind me why I'm here. I'm thankful for the little babies in Africa. I hope they know just how loved they are.

"Don't give up on the hope
That keeps you breathing"

-The Wedding, Song for the Broken

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