15 May 2010


Screaming Children.
They just got home for lunch and discovered surprises in their cubbies:  new mesh bags full of toiletries: 1 toothbrush, 1 “toothbrush protector,” 1 tube of toothpaste, 1 bar of savon (soap), and one sweet (candy).  
They screamed and jumped up and down for at least 3 minutes SO excited for the surprise!  I thought they were just super excited about new things that belonged to them (they have very little here that belongs to them).  But Justin told me they were really excited about the savon.  They’ve always used regular savon that you buy in bulk here: its the same savon they use to wash clothes and dishes.  
A big square of unscented soap.  But we gave each kid a small bar of soap that a bunch of my friends at school donated from the United States.  A plain, no frills, white bar of soap.  The kids have never ever been given scented soap before.  And “they’ve never felt like they were special enough for good soap.”

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