09 May 2010

Reflections of HCH

Who am I that my God could love me so much?

This morning, 5:00 am, we climbed the hill again.  This time, instead of 7 of us, there were 19.  We took a “shortcut” that required us to squeeze through several fences and up the side of a cliff and over a pass that was frightening.  But the whole way I had someone to hold my hand.  Usually it was Linda, a sweet 13 year old girl.  As we climbed, I realized how walking up the cliff holding her hand was like walking through life holding the sweet hand of my Lord and Savior, Jesus. 

When I was about to slip, she held me up. 

When I was frightened, she gave me courage. 

When I was exhausted, she gave me strength.

She fell a few times too, but I shared with her the analogy of how helping each other was like Jesus, and she smiled.  It was SO much easier to make it to the top with her help!

Other sweet things so far:

Making it through the airport with no problems.

Getting to sit next to Justin on the bus ride to HCH and then being greeted by a bunch of adorable kids and staff!

Getting to talk with Bo-Jung (Emmanuel Ngala) about life: How frustrations are sometimes good because it makes you work through things, how I should stop stressing about everything being perfect (getting to do lists done, making sure the team is getting fed, checking up on things) and breathe.  Instead of stressing, I should relax and get it done, how precious the children are, etc.

Hearing the kids sing and dance with SO much enthusiasm at devotion.

Staying up all night talking with Kim because neither one of us could sleep.

Walking around the field talking to Charlotte or Justin or a sweet kid.

Getting my hair “plated” by a sweet girl.

Watching a movie surrounded by a million sweet kids and getting to hold my boyfriend’s hand.

Congo-line style offering at Church.

Holding Evet’s and Orelia’s hands…

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  1. I'm so happy the trip is going well!
    Praying for you!