18 August 2011

In a world without deadlines:

There are no blog posts.

If there is nothing I am dreading, writing (or studying) for school, I don’t have motivation to avoid it.  And so I don’t make blog posts.

I’ve been busy away from the blog though.  Since last post, I’ve gotten engaged and planned a BIG trip to Zambia and Tanzania.  Wow.  Exciting crazy things that would have been fun to blog about.  And fun to read about.  But there’s no blog post because there were no deadlines for me to avoid.

However, on my trip, I have to keep a blog as a requirement for the people sending me, so there will not only be plenty to read, but plenty to write. YAY!

Look forward to it!

(I have a half way finished blog post about my last rotation: psych.  I’ll back blog it and blog a bit about Family Medicine, which I’ve loved, before I leave the country!)

I got malaria pills and sleeping pills and 2 kinds of anti-diarrhea pills and a neat thing called typhoid fever pills that you refrigerate and then eat 1 hour before your meal that protect you from typhoid fever.  The only unfortunate thing about today was the amount of money I spent on medicine (130!) even with insurance.

Can you guess what motivated me to write?? How many things are due tomorrow??

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