14 August 2014

The day I got stuck inside my shirt. (Fix 3)

Well, stich fix keeps sending me boxes.  I guess I keep paying them to because I really enjoy the process: putting clothes on in my own mirror, getting to try things on with accessories I already own, and not being pressured to rush and get in/out.
I highly recommend it! 


My third fix was a little more laid back, and it was in perfect time!  We had just moved and my clothes were a little bit "all over the place."  I had recently changed closet sizes, so I really had to organize all my "work clothes" in one closet, and clothes I didn't love wearing in another closet.  I was able to get rid of a lot more stuff I never wore because of the limited space.  Now I only have clothes I love to wear in my closet.  Getting dressed when I love everything in my closet is so much easier! I should have had smaller closets sooner!
I was looking for professional clothes in this fix.  The stylist told me they didn't have any supper-professional looking slacks in stock (somewhat dissapointing) but she picked me out some great work tops (2), a cute dress, a pair of pants, and a super-fun top!
[The treasure I got to unfold]
Immediately I loved the pants, the tirquoise patterned top, and the dress!  The other tops had potential.  None of the clothes were things I would have picked out for myself, which was fun.
First: the dress:

I always wore dresses growing up, but I never considered myself a "wear dresses to work person," because, lets face it, its hard to wear a dress and get stuff done.  Just picture wearing a dress and then bending over to look in some squirming kid's ear or look at someone's swollen ankle.  Not exactly lady-like.  I bend over a lot less in this job than I did in my last job.  Now I find wearing a dress is super easy, because there's no need to match top and bottom, you just throw things on.
Although, you have to beware of bending over and sitting on stools.
As expected, I loved the dress!
Next, the pants:
On first look, I liked them.  They fit well, but they weren't super professional looking.  They went into the "maybe" pile.  I didn't need them, they could only be worn to work on a "casual Friday," so they didn't add a whole lot to my wardrobe.  But they were cute, in style, and like nothing I own. 
The fun top:

I'll be honest, there's a button up top in the neckline and I didn't undo it because I though to myself, "I'm tiney, I never have to undo buttons, I can never re-button them behind my head.  So I'll just leave it buttoned."
And then I got stuck.
If you read the title, you might have seen that coming.
If I had been smarter, I might have seen that coming too.
Luckaly, Ryan was home to help me in/out of it.  It didn't fit the greatest, even when I unbuttoned/rebuttoned it again.  I was fully prepaired to love this top.  Even if it wasn't fully prepared to love me back.
Look how cute the back is!  I probably couldn't wear it to work (unless I had it covered by my white coat the whole time) because of how cute the back is.  Maybe I didn't need it for work.  It fit me a little funny too, which is the benefit of trying things on. 
AAAnd, no one had to see me get stuck, which is the benefit of trying stuff on at home.
The color block top:

The bottom line: Cute enough, but NOT worth 78 dollars.  I didn't love how the back of the top was longer than the front of the top, too trendy.  I don't love trendy stuff.
The blue lace top:
This one had another button at the top.  After getting stuck in the tirquoise top earlier, I almost unbuttoned it.  But I suppose I didn't really learn my lesson.  Thankfully it fit just fine over my head.
It was too big though, so it fit over my head just fine.  I loved the lace detail and the classy colors, but it just didn't fit perfectly, so it got sent back.  
Well, it looks like I'm only getting the dress again.  I've only purchesed the dresses from each of my fixes, although I promise I'll buy other stuff if it fits right!  I've just had so much fun with the stitch fix process!  If you're thinking about trying it but you aren't sure, I vote you go for it!  If you have to look nice for work, you might as well have fun doing it!

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