05 September 2014

The day we cried.

Whew, life has been rough.

I have a post ready-to-publish (I just have to add pics) about our plumbing disaster, but it hardly seems appropriate to publish it today, in light of all that has happened since yesterday.

We went to see Ryan's pain doctor yesterday for his back pain.  He had been in more pain this past week after his 3rd injection.  We needed pain relief.  

Long story short, we were not only able to see the pain doctor, but he pulled some strings for us and we were able to see a neurosurgeon the same day.  He talked to us about some options, and we decided to go through with surgery.  It's something called a "micro-disk" surgery where they just "shave off" a part of the herniated disk that's sticking out and compressing the nerve, making his leg numb/tingly.

It was a big step, but he's been in pain so long that we're ready to try anything for relief.  We have researched pros/cons and alternative therapies (chiropractors, "decompression therapy") and surgery is the best option for us.

That evening, we got a call that Ryan's dad was having trouble breathing.  Later that night he passed away after several attempts were made to save his life.

It was the middle of the night and we were devastated. 

Grief is nothing new, but when it happens to you, its so different.  So personal.  What do you say?  What do you do?  How can you help from across the country?  

We can use your prayers.  

Actually, we need your prayers.  Please, pray for us.  For our family.  We appreciate it more than we can ever express to you.

We're pretty sad right now.  But we know our God is mighty and full of love.  I don't understand His decisions, but I trust in Him.

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