10 September 2014

The day we had neurosurgery!

I used the term "we" loosely in the title.  Clearly, I didn't actually have neurosurgery.  Ryan did. I just had to sit in the waiting room and hope he was okay.  And then make several trips to the store for things like pain meds, Ritz crackers, chicken soup, and ice cream.

Because I couldn't pull it together enough to predict we would need ice cream.


[Pre-Surgery Photo]

That morning we woke up and I drove to the surgical hospital.  Ryan was in a lot of pain in the car because sitting has been really painful for the last 2 months.  The anesthesiologist had told him it was ok to take his pain medication, and he did.  But he says that "just takes the edge off."

We checked in.  Then a nice guy walked us upstairs and got prepped for surgery.  Ryan changed into a gown.  I told him to "smile" for a picture.  The most he could do was lift his head and give me "thumbs up."  The nurse tried to have him sit up in bed, but he felt better laying down.  So she let him lay there.

[Thumbs up!]

They put Ryan in some TED Hose (compression stockings to help prevent a blood clot) and some anti-slip socks (hospitals have to prevent fall risks)

[He did a great job showing off his socks for a photo]

Then we waited an hour and a half.

I kinda slept in a chair.  I was super happy because the nurse brought us both warm blankets, fresh from the warmer.  I knew it was going to be cold so I wore jeans (rolled up into capris for outside)  and brought a sweatshirt.  I ended up rolling down the pants and putting on my sweatshirt. 

I was pretty hungry at that point.  Ryan wasn't allowed to eat breakfast.  (He was allowed to drink water up until 7 am, which the nurse kinda freaked out about...she gave the anesthesiologist a sticky note with the info; he just laughed and threw it away)  So I grabbed lunch to distract myself while they took him back for surgery.  

The chef was honest with me. He didn't recommend the fries. So I got "handmade potatoe chips" with my lunch.

Then I came back to the waiting room and started reading "And Then There Were None" by Agatha Christie.  I spent some time reading about the new Apple News because reading a book about people dying isn't the most comforting thing when your husband is in surgery. 

The surgeon, Dr Denning, came out and said all was well.  He said he cut off a huge chunk of Ryan's bulging disc, and his back should be much better!

Then his PA came out to review the importance of wearing the big socks, and moving around, and the special airplane compression devices.

[Don't these compression devices look fancy?  The box makes them look enviable!]

Then the guy who walked us up into surgery came to get me and bring me into the room to see Ryan.  

Only the guy didn't recognize me.  He said he was looking for someone in jean capris.  I guess I confused him when I rolled them down.

Ryan was tired, but doing well!  I was so happy.

The nurse gave him some juice, so I sneaked a photo.

[Juice happy]

He downed about 8 of those little apple juice cups because he was probably hungry and they told him he couldn't go home until he urinated.  

She made him get up and try to pee about an hour later.

I took the opportunity to snap a picture of the fake-tan they gave him (they cleaned him before surgery) and of his surgical scar.  Look away if you are squeemish.

[Fake Tan]


[He walked. Then peed.]

Then we went home.  We arrived home at 4, and Ryan said he was starving.  I guess the juice and crackers didn't fill him up.  I went to Walgreens to get his medications filled and pick up some crackers and soup.  I could have gone to Kroger, but it was farther away and I was so exhausted!

We rested after that.  

Then, a friend brought us dinner (yummy pizza!) and suggested I get Ryan some ice cream for his sore throat (they had to put a tube down it for him to breathe).

Being the sweet wife I am, I got him some. Don't worry, I also got me some wine.

[Ice Cream]

The next day he was still doing great!  Which is wonderful, because I was still tired!

This month has been so emotionally exhausting! Good thing our God has given us sweet friends to bring us food and help us through it all! We couldn't do it without you!

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  1. You are precious! We love u guys!!! Praying for u still! ��