01 October 2014

The day we sailed to the Na Pali Coast!

I woke up early after a bad dream. Then I read about vitamin k shot refusal in newborns, which is just as scary. Why 4 newborns have had needless internal bleeding due to parental refusal of vitamin k is understandably horrific.

Turns out we all had bad dreams last night. Maybe it was the wine. Or the Sorry! We all shared our dreams.

We ate the 5 dollar mango. Well worth it. 


We went to Poipu (Poy-poo) beach first thing in the morning. 

[beach reading]

I'm just sitting here, reading, minding my own business, when I hear Jonathan and Amberlee heatedly discussing something. 

Apparently, Jonathan was looking ahead at flights, and Amberlee's last name is mistakenly her maiden name (Harder) on her tickets since they booked their flights through a travel agent Amberlee had used prior to getting married. They got married over 1.5 years ago, and they booked the trip in her married name (Covington), so they didn't bring any documentation with them. All her credit cards and IDs are in her married name (Covington).

The airline was happy to change her name, but only with a copy of their marriage license.

Jonathan called the marriage office place. There is no way to request an electronic copy of a marriage certificate. 

They have a copy at their house, but the only people with a copy of their house key are currently in Hawaii with them.

The airline said the only thing they can do is to re-buy all the tickets in her married name. Which would cost 100s of dollars at this point since they're flying to Hawaii Island, then Oahu Island and then to Dallas.

Being the nosy-yet-brilliant person I am, I suggested that we call our friends the Thomases who have our house key, to go to our house and get the Covington's house key, then travel to the Covington's house and get the certificate, scan it, and send it.


And worth a nice treat we'll be sure to bring home for the Thomases.

The next morning we get a text from Cynthia Thomas with a gold key, asking "Is this your key?"

Nope, ours is silver.

"Oh, then I don't think we have your key."

Ryan and I thought through it, and realized that, no, we didn't actually give them our key yet. 

Well, hmmm.

Then I suggested they overnight their key to the Thomases. Good plan!

Except Jonathan realized they don't have their key....because they left it with their car at his parents house. Woo! Plan C.


After the beach we rested.

And we are washed clothes. Well, Jonathan washed clothes and I folded some. It's extra hot and humid here and I find myself going through underwear faster than usual. Anyone traveled to a hot climate before agree? After washing and drying, I notice we're missing One sock of THE pair Ryan just told me were his favorite. We dance around shaking out all the laundry trying to find it. No luck.

We decide to try the laundry room. There's already a load of laundry spinning in the washing machine Jonathan used, so he checked the dryer. Still no luck.

I decide to open the washer and just check for a red sock. I decided if I didn't see a red sock on top I would walk away and forget about it. No need to rummage through someone else's half-way washed clothes. Lucky for us it was a load of whites. With one red sock.

Lucky for them, we've washed that red sock so many times that the load of whites didn't turn into a load of pinks.


We traveled past the Kauai Coffee place to a dock to take Captain Andy's Sunset Cruise to the Na Pali Coast. We were more than excited. We even dressed up a little (but let's be honest, why do your hair when you're going on a 5 hour ocean cruise?

[Dressing up]

Jonathan gave us a brief Map Tour of where we would travel on the cruise.

[map: we were at the bottom and sailed to the top of the island]


We got there and were all asked to take off out shoes. Apparently it's a thing in the Hawaiian culture to take off your shoes. Also, you fall down less on boats. 

[bare feet!]

We climb into the boat and one of the boat people, Heather, asked, "Are we twins?" 

At first, I was super confused. We, like you and me? Do we match shirts or something? 

She saw the confusion and asked if Amberlee and I were twins. Because of the freckles.  

[Quasi-twin photo!]


We motor out to the Na Pali coast and I take a zillion pictures with my fancy camera. 


The clouds along the coast are dark a brooding like an intense mystery novel character. 

[dark clouds]

We were quickly driving into what looked like a rain storm. I thought I better run in and grab my plastic bag to cover the camera in case of rain. Just as I ran inside, the captain came on and said, "It's starting to rain so you better take cover in....negative two seconds."

It was pouring rain by the time everyone made it inside.

It rained for 3-4 minutes and then we saw a rainbow.


And then a double rainbow.

[Double Rainbow!!]

Then, we get served a steak and shrimp dinner. Somehow, it tastes better over open water.

[Dinner Photo]

About half way through dinner a wave of nausea hit some people. (Wave, get it?) one of the crew members suggested getting some fresh air, sniffing a lemon, and looking at the Horizon.

Someone the day before had suggested we take some Bonine supplements. But I'm not sure I believe in supplements. 

They had a mixed drink called the Sneaky Tiki. But I went straight for the Pinot Noir.

We were still driving away from the rain, and then we saw the Doubble Rainbow of Kalala.


We were served dessert of pineapple cheesecake. Delicious. I looked up from my dessert to see Ryan driving the boat.

[Ryan Driving]

We went up there and had a good talk with the Captain! He was a friendly dude from Texas. We relaxed on top of the sailboat and drank in the sunset and salty breeze. 

[Sunset and salty Breeze]

Honestly friends, we would HIGHLY recommend Captain Andy's sailing to the Na Pali coast. Super great service! New sunsets each night! 

We landed back on dry land. First thing: find a bathroom. We did, and clearly, many other females did as well. Most of them were taking advantage of the "open bar" policy. One poor lady walked out of the stall with a long chain of TP stuck to both feet. She couldn't unstick it so I used my foot to help her unstick it. She then said, "Oh, can you pick that up for me?" So I did (carefully, barely touching it.) And then I washed my hands really well. Really, Really well.

See, the first case of Ebola just touched down on American soil on my home turf: Dallas, TX. So one can never be too careful when we're talking about a disease that can be passed through fecal/oral transmission. 


We were going to play another game of Sorry! when we got home but Amberlee got really tired and Ryan fell asleep. So we all went to bed and I stayed up to write. 

But, as it happens, sleep eventually overtook me once again. 

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