25 April 2010

And I’ve got so much left to do…

A bit of encouragement from one of the sweet kids at HCH:

Hello my dear Shannon,

I'm very happy to write to you this letter. I hope you will also be happy to receive the letter. I want to thank you for coming to meet us here in HCH. I'm praying for you every day and I hope you're well. Always smile. God loves you. Thank you for coming to spend your time with us. Remember to always :-)

I love you Shannon,




DOB: 10/15/1998


"Let me reintroduce myself
As a man with a cause
I've had a lot of time to think
And look at who we are
And I've got nothing left to say
But we've got to carry on
And I've got so much left to do
But I'll start with this song

Why do they lie?
Why can't you see?
Get up everybody
Stand up with me

Let's Go! Everybody!
Let's Go! Tell 'em we're coming
Let's Go! Everybody!
Let's Go! Stand up with me!
Let's Go!
Take the world with me"

"Let's Go" by Cartel



Left on my to do list: grocery shopping, pick up last minute things (stuff for the team, things for the kids), go to school, study for a pharm final, learn something about Rheumatology, study for the Rheum block test, coordinate pick-up and drop off of supplies, have a fun weekend with my parents, pack, lead a few conference calls, send half a million emails, thank a million people who have been so great and so SO so sweet to me and the kids, etc…


But today in church we learned about the word ALWAYS. God is ALWAYS with us. He is with me now as I have a semi-melt down and tell Him over and over how I CAN'T do this and how I am incapable of doing anything. But he just smiles and tells me that's why He is in control and promises to be there for me.


Deep Breaths…


I'm so close now I can almost smell Africa!!

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