18 April 2010

God made Kidneys too…

Unfortunately God made kidneys, which are an extracomplicated piece of anatomy designed to rid our bodies of waste…

So maybe it's a fortunate thing God made kidneys, and only unfortunate that He made them extracomplicated.

I thought about having a brilliant post comparing kidneys to God and how he is extracomplicated and rids US of the nasty things in our lives, but then that seamed cheesy and too deep to think about when I'm trying to learn the ins and outs of the kidney.


Sometimes I think I have a lot of the symptoms of Uremia (fatigue, restless legs, lack of concentration, irritability) but I'm pretty sure without the majority of the symptoms my kidneys are functioning just fine…

Other times I think I'm hypokalemic, because it just sounds fancy and sometimes I fit the profile (but not most of the time, thankfully)

And then I have a strong suspicion I'm going to get kidney stones because I don't drink enough water or eat enough citrus fruits most of the year and I do take calcium supplements, eat things with oxalate in them (chocolate, tea, spinach), and eat a lot of salt. Good thing I don't eat much animal protein because just knowing that I meet most of the requirements for renal stones is enough to freak me out…

I need to stop thinking so hard…

Good thing I'm trusting God to take care of the details in my life!


  1. Pretty much every unit I convince myself that I could possibly have at least one disease we study. The only thing to actually turn up: I discovered I really do have ganglion cysts, but they don't hurt.
    Hang in there amigo!

  2. *And by amigo I mean amiga! Spanish fail :)