21 May 2009

Improvements (Tuesday)

“Use every chance you have for doing good.” Ephesians 5:16 (from my quiet time)

There is SO much opportunity around to do good. Everywhere. How can you do anything but pour out love to everyone. Are you too busy? Often times, I think I am. Are you too exhausted? God offers you strength (and a nap helps). It doesn’t have to cost too much. It doesn’t have to be much. Just do good!

Tuesday morning I woke up and my cold felt worse. It was bad Sunday, better Monday, and now worse today.

I watched some of the kids play this morning. It is hard not to play with them too much (I don’t want to get them sick!)

Justin and Emelda (one of the nurses) went to Mbingo to take some kids to the hospital. Two kids have HIV and needed a yearly checkup. Two kids needed eye exams. I would have gone with them to help, but one of our team members was gored by a bull yesterday, and he went in my place so the doctors could check him out. The nurses here gave him stitches, but it is better if the Doctors at the hospital look at him.

We are all praying for his health!

Then we took a “tour” of the orphanage. The directors of the place showed us all of the rooms here and told us what improvements they want to make and what things they need.

They are in the process of moving the kitchen to the other side of the kids dining hall from where it is now.

Right now it is right next to the bathrooms.

Not only is that disgusting, but it is also a health problem.

Also on the list are things like mosquito nets for the children, new cups and plates for the children, and another room for the kids.

They need more medicine for the clinic. Mostly, it is just the children at the orphanage that use the clinic, but occasionally people from town use it too.

If they can, they would like to add internet. Right now they pay to use the internet in town at the internet café. It costs money for each hour (about a dollar an hour to us, which isn’t much, but people here don’t have much money to use for things like internet.)

Having the internet at the orphanage would be a way to help them raise money!

Also, they want to get vaccinated chickens to lay eggs. They would be a good source of food (eggs=protein!) for the children. But vaccinated chickens cost money. And it costs money to feed them.

There is SO much need! I’ll do what I can, now and in the future.

I will never forget this place, these children, and their needs!

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