17 May 2009

Sorting Life

Sorting Life (Thursday)

Thursday I felt a lot better. A lot a lot! Praise God!!

Justin and I opened our four bags full of things and sorted them. We had a lot of girls clothing and some miscellaneous items like toys, books, animals, etc. That took us most of the morning.

At lunch time, some of the little children came home from school for lunch. (You can see their school from the back of the orphanage.) I got out bubbles and we let the kids play with them. It was so fun to see all the little kids running around in their green uniforms. (the older kids wear blue and the oldest wear tan) They were content with popping bubbles and playing hop scotch. It was good to run around with them!

Then we went down to visit BIST, the theology school that some of our other group members help teach. It was about a 5 minute walk from the orphanage, and some of the kids went with us. They won’t let you go anywhere alone, or with an empty hand. Here, there is always someone ready to hold your hand!

The kids returned to school while we took pictures of one of the classes. Right before we left, it started POURING down rain.

So hard, it was hard to hear anyone talking. But classes resumed, so Justin and I left. We were hiding under the overhang of the school waiting for the rain to slow down, when the Provost of the school invited us in. We chatted with him for about 20 minutes until the rain slowed down. Then we left for the orphanage.

After lunch, I had some time to sit and have a “quiet time” with the Lord. I read a lot about thankfulness, because I have been so thankful for a lot of things lately!

Then, during the kids dinner time, Justin and I made KoolAid.

We couldn’t taste it, because we can’t drink the water here (which presents a whole slew of interesting consequences, one of which being you can’t tell if the KoolAid is sweet enough).

The kids were SO excited!! They stood in line like we were giving out candy. I’ll make sure to post pictures. They are good!

That night I lead devotional for the kids. At 7 pm, the children listen to someone, usually Esther, read from the Bible and share wisdom with them. I have spoken in front of people before, but I was terrified to speak in front of all the kids.

What if they don’t understand me?

What if they aren’t listening?

Well, I shouldn’t have worried, because God is always in control. Sometimes, I think He puts me in specific places to remind me that He is there. Because, obviously, I tend to forget things like that.

They didn’t understand me. Esther had to translate into Kom, their language. They all speak English, but they don’t pronounce some words the same. And I tend to talk fast when I get nervous.

We opened Devotional in prayer.

Then we sang. The Children sing beautifully! I think Justin might have some video on his blog. Check it out. You don’t want to miss it!!

With God and Esther’s help, I spoke about thankfulness. I read Psalm 107:1 “Thank the Lord because he is good. His love continues forever.” And 1 Thessalonians 5:18 “Give thanks in all circumstances.” Then I had the kids share things they were thankful for.

I was thankful for all of the prayers from people that I got when I was sick because God reminded me that I won’t always be healthy, but He will always be with me and right now there are a lot of people that care about me.

And KoolAid.

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  1. Love it. :) Sounds like a good devotional. A good one to engage in often. Isn't it amazing how God gives us words when we have none? Or even when we have some, but they're not nearly as good as His? And yeah, I didn't think about y'all not being able to drink the water. Does that mean it's always bottled water for you?

    I am thankful for YOU, for safety, for my Bible, for travel-pack tissue, and for boxes of old notes. For starters.