21 May 2009

Peace (Wednesday)

I can’t think of anything more peaceful than a nap with two 7 year olds during a thunderstorm.

Well, maybe it would be more peaceful without the two 7 year olds.

But definitely not as precious.

I took a nap today with Nadine and Hilda, two of the girls. After our nap, Nadine taught me some Kom. She is very patient. They have 6 vowels in the Kom language. (Our 5 plus a “Ugh” sound that you might make if you got hit in the stomach)

“Ah,” “Ooh, “Eh,” “Ugh,” “Ou,” and “Eeh.” I think.

Like I said, she is very patient. Here is some other Kom I know:

“Too Lime A” = good morning

“Eye Yung Na” = thank you

“Wa eese ma” = good afternoon, “Ma eese my” = same to you

“Chika Jung” = Goodnight

“A sigh ah” = How are you, “Bu sigh oh” = I am fine

They use weird letters and vowels. I wrote things how you might say them.

Wednesday morning we walked down to Three Corners (what they call town) to watch a “March Past,” or parade, for the 20th of May. Today symbolizes the unity between French and English Cameroon. Only it isn’t completely unified yet (they are politically), so it is a somewhat bittersweet ceremony.

Justin took Richard, a sweet 12 year old boy. I took Nain, a sweet 7 year old girl. There are a lot of sweet little girls here. They just smile and hold your hand. Some are talkative, others are shy. All are precious children of God!

It’s not completely peaceful yet. But it is a step in the right direction.

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