21 May 2009

Only in Africa (Sunday)

Church in Africa is different, but the same. Again, it is hard to explain because I don’t think I would do it justice. Also, I was feeling a little bit sick (I caught a cold! Sad!!) so the morning was a little bit fuzzy.

They had great music. And they danced. And people played drums.

I got to sit with some of the children from the orphanage. We went to the church that is next to Harvest Children’s Home.

Sunday was a beautiful day, despite my sickness. The church had open windows and was very bright and beautiful. Everyone was wearing their best clothes. It was nice to see the children in pretty dresses and clean slacks.

I took a nap after church.

Then, I woke up and had a beautiful “Quiet Time” in the field behind the orphanage. After my quiet time, I journaled.

There are some things, I discovered, that are only true in Africa:

You plan your day around the weather. If it looks like rain, you do not walk down to Three Corners (“Town”) or wash clothes and put them out on the line.

The power (Which I am VERY thankful for!) is great, but not reliable. It goes out at least two or three times a day. You can’t ever be dependent on it. After dark, you should carry a flashlight with you. Especially if you need light to eat or read your Bible or give Devotional.

At night, you can sit and hear things for miles!

It can be thundering (loudly!) and lightning, but not raining here. I think it must be raining up in the mountains or something, but I don’t know.

I can sing and dance. (Or at least no one looks at me foolishly when I do)

Your hands are never empty. There is always someone to hold your hand.

You can see God in everything: In the faces of the children, in the mountains, in the sky, in the way life works out…

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  1. Amen. These are pieces of God's glory in Africa! I love this.