23 May 2009

Trekking (Saturday)

I don’t want to leave!

Part of me can’t figure out if I will ever be a whole person without a child holding my hand all the time. But I've learned so much from this experience. So much about God and his love and trusting in him! So much about different cultures and ways of life. So much abut myself!

What a journey it has been! And today was an even bigger journey than any other day. It started with a 6 mile trek (hike) up a mountain. A HUGE mountain. Justin and I took the older kids with us and talked to them about some important things. We also goofed around a lot…

Then, I had to trek to the internet café (about a mile and a half walk each way) TWICE to sign things for school.

But I had many hands to hold each direction. Its funny how that makes things better.

Pray for my journey home and then to Dallas to start Physician Assistant school on TUESDAY!! Thanks. I’ll upload more pics and stories when I get home.

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